Android M

Android M, The New Version of Android after Lollipop

Google has announced its newer version of Android named as Android “M” at its annual I/O conference on May 28th. The test set of Android M will be available for developers today but the full version will be made available in the end of this year. The Android M will be built by taking in consideration on improvement of usage and stability of the O/S. the main focus will be on the O/S rather than looks this time.

The test release will be available only for Google Nexus 5, 6, 9 and Nexus Player. Google is incorporating a lot of features in Android M and some of them we are describing below in the post.

android mLong Lasting Power Management

Doze is the name given to this feature which will enhance the battery life of the android smartphone.  This feature will monitor the continuous usage of the background processes and if some process is not being used for a long time, the system will close the process in Doze stage. The feature will increase the stand by time of the Android smartphones by approx. 1.5 to 2 times.

Photo Storage

A new enhancement in the field of photos is being added in the new version of Android M. Google+ is heavily integrated with the Android O/s and the same is being used in the next version of Android. Photos will be indexed and the we will be able to search the people, places or things. User just has to type some keyword on his smartphone and he will get all the photos which are tagged automatically by that keyword in his profile.

Security and Privacy

The access to your data on the android smartphone is very much restricted already by many Android variants like Cyanogen and Apple’s iOS. The same feature is being getting added in the new version Android L. During apps installation the app permission are asked and that also with full control. The same is being changed to the permission control first time you are going to use the specific feature. The user can deny the permissions on location and personal data with this permission control mechanism which was permit all in the older versions. Some other authentication methods are also being added up for better and reliable security purpose like finger print scanner, which we were using currently in older versions from other parties. The Internet of Things and Android Auto are some more examples of security and privacy in the field of Android L.

Application Permissions

The permissions which are likely to allow permit in current scenario is very tedious as we have to give all the permissions to the application either on 1st install or apps update. In Android M user will be asked via notifications for permitting the single function of the app.

Eight parameters are set as location, camera, phone book, messages and so on to help the user to give permissions on these. For example if in a chat application you want to send a voice note, the permission tab will open and ask your permission to use the microphone. Later after granting the permission and use you can revoke the specific permission. However these permission features will be available only for Android M SDK applications.

Android M SecurityApplication Linking

Application linking is currently also available in the current Android system but with choice of opening a program in different browsers. For example in a browser you click on a link that opens a page of eBay. So you will get a pop up for choice to open the page in chrome browser or web browser or eBay app. But in Android M developers are adding it in the code itself smartly that if this link belongs to eBay, it will automatically open in the eBay app only without any verification from the user.

Supporting Fingerprint

The fingerprint sensor is being used for higher security purposes. The standard API is on its way with many phones to attach with its fingerprint sensor. The predefined fingerprints of the user can be used for authentication of payments to various Android Pay transactions or any play store transactions. The same can be used to unlock the smartphone also.

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